Marvin's Room marvinsroom

by - jeudi, juillet 21, 2011


Yeah I said it
fuck that new girl that U're with right now.
Fuck that bitch that U love so much.
Fuck that new girl that U had a baby with
yeah Twice fuck that girl u had a baby with
Fuck that skinny bitch that you bringing with U everywhere right now
I said Fuck that mofo "best friend" that U had sex with
Fuck all of them.
ANd U know what even if U dont have a girlfriend right now
Fuck that Girl U're going to marry one day... I dont care if she is prettier skinnier lighter than me
Fuck her cause she is going to have wathever I was trying to have with U.

This Is what Marvin's Room From Drake woke in me... Sadness and bitterness.
Every one is having a Marvin's room... well I decided to share mine with you.
Luv Mymou

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