I was the lady in red

by - lundi, octobre 29, 2012

One week ago I asked my followers on Instagram for help to pick up my dress for a bday party. They had the choice between two dresses and they all choose the red one.

Since I forgot to make a video this is the only picture I found where u can see how the dress looks like on me.

Then I also found few pics in the kitchen while C was fixing the cake, here they are, Here you can see my make up and my little tummy still working on these abs but I am a work in progress

We made a lot of food for that day here was what the buffet looked like

Cameroonian food only.

Well don't know why the hell I am writing this in my broken English but I felt like speaking English today.

So y'all have a blessed week, much love


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5 commentaires

  1. Hum yesss, i was waiting for it to be published tho i'm still mad at you for the food...
    Me like it anyways ;)

  2. T tte belle bien coiffé et le route va bien

  3. Attentiiion !!!
    ça rigole plus chez Mymou !!!
    J'adore ta coiffure ma belle !
    Bisous !

  4. Très jolie coiffure. On dirai une coiffure que j'ai vu sur la chaine de haircrush. C'est la même?

  5. hello c'est simplement un chignon. le tuto est disponible sur ma chaine aussi


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